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Nature photography

Nature Photography Central
Creative techniques for packing more power into your nature photography. With photo gallery of inspiring photos.

Nature Photographers online magazine
Online nature photography resource dedicated to the art and technique of nature, wildlife and landscape photography

Landscape photography

Outdoor Eyes
Outdoor photography forum and website where you can find useful articles about photography and sell your photographs.

Wedding photography

A resource by the WPJA for brides and grooms, photographers, wedding planners and all wedding photojournalism enthusiasts

Aerial photography

Offer aerial photography services plus tips and tricks on how to take aerial photographs

Nude photography

Graceful Nudes
Features a variety of handpicked, respectful, and tasteful nudes from all the websites that respect their models on the Internet

Underwater photography

Stephen Frink Photographic
Read a selection of underwater photography tips and tricks that were written by Stephen Frink, the world's most published underwater photographer/photojournalist with a career spanning over two decades.

Portrait photography

Photography Tips
Portrait photography is one of the most popular forms of photography but also one of the most difficult to get right.
You can learn some useful tips from the Photography Tips website.

Child photography

Anne Geddes' Baby Pictures
Learn some of the tips used and provided by Anne Geddes' and her photographic techniques for photographing young children

Pet Photography

Read ten useful tips on how to photograph your pets.

Fashion photography
Fancy being a fashion photographer? Find out whatís involved by reading this quick guide on how to become a fashion photographer

Sport photography

New York Institute of Photography
A nice selection of tips here for taking sports pictures. These tips from the New York Institute of Photography teach you how to capture great images of your favourite sport, whether itís golf, baseball, football, skiing, hockey or motorsports.

Photo Journalism

BPPA - The British Press Photographers Association
The BPPA is aimed at UK press photographers. The site features member galleries which show a selection of members' work.

Industrial photography

Inspired Images Ltd
Professional industrial photographers based in the UK. The website provides a showcase of their work including industrial and commercial photography..

Black & white photography

Darkness and Light
Interesting site with a showcase of black and white photographs plus tips on taking your own.

Digital photography

Provides a few useful tutorials for digital photographers wanting to get the best out of their equipment.

Digital Photography Tips
A good site for explaining in clear and easy ways how to get good photographs using a digital camera.

General photography

SLR Photography Guide
Learn how to use your digital SLR camera with this free online photography guide. Includes explanations of camera settings and various photography techniques.

Building a 35mm SLR system
Very good article if you want to go build a 35mm sytem

National Geographic
National Geographic provides free photos and wallpapers of places, animals, nature, underwater, travel, plus photo tips and more.

Photo Answers
Provides the best advice for photographers, with information on photography techniques and reviews on the latest cameras, lenses and equipment.

Hobby Photography Tips
If photography is your hobby, here you will learn tips about taking pictures, photo editing, and anything related to digital cameras

Macro photography

ShutterFreaks provides a good tutorial on macro photography for amateur photographers who need to know the basics of getting good results with extreme close-up photography.

Astro photography

Astrophotography tips and techniques with a useful guide for beginners and equipment required in this specialised field.

Special FX photography

A really cool site with some very good tutorials on creating photographic special effects

Commercial photography
A major resource for UK photographers seeking employment opportunities, supplies and help in the marketplace.

Automotive photography

Car Photos
Lots of nice car photographs on show here from various photographers, plus the occassional article on how to take good photographs of cars.

Net Car Show
Features some stunning photographs of cars which you can download as wallpaper for your PC

Travel photography

A good site for tips on taking travel photos and viewing photos taken by the author and links to other recommended sites.

Travel Photography Workshop
Travel Photography Workshop provides free photography tutorial to travelers and travel enthusiasts to improve their photographic skills.

Medical photography

Provides useful information for anyone interested in entering the profession of being a medical photographer in the UK.

Wildlife photography

African Safari Pictures
Contains lots of  good advice on how to take photos of African wildlife if youíre thinking of going on safari this year.

Wildlife Images by Les
Personal website of photographer Les Zigurski with many examples of his work plus lots of advice and useful tips for budding wildlife photographers wanting to improve their skills

Turning into a Pro

Scian Studios
Top 10 photography tips to turn you into a professional

Professional Photographer 101
Has lots of good articles that should help you if youíre considering the idea of becoming a professional photographer.

Freelance photography

Freelance Photography Made Easy
Great resource which provides news, articles, a discussion forum, image requests and leads for freelance photographers

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100 photo tips

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